The “SSD Summer Schools” started in 2001 at the Athens conference, under the initiative of Prof. Marko Moscovitch and Prof. Stephen McKeever. The goal of the Summer School is to give introductory lectures to students and young researchers on the main topics that form the subjects of the International Solid State Dosimetry Conferences.

Since 2001, the Summer Schools have taken place every three years in the days leading to the main conference. The feedback shows that the Summer Schools help students better understand the presentations and discussions at the conference. The Summer Schools also provide an environment in which students can have intensive contact with experts in the field and other fellow students, in a friendly, low-key atmosphere, helping the students enhance their professional network.

In 2013 the “SSD Summer Schools” was renamed “The Marko Moscovitch School” in honor of the late Prof. Marko Moscovitch, from Georgetown University, Washington DC, who not only conceived of the School, but was also an active and important member of the Solid State Dosimetry community.

The lecturers of the first Summer School were published in the journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B.

Marko Moscovitch School of Solid State Dosimetry